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Науково-інноваційний комплекс "Екологія"

Potassium humate – export production

60 000 ₴/т

Мінімальне замовлення — 20 т

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Potassium humate – export production
Potassium humate – export productionГотово до відправки
60 000 ₴/т
+380 (98) 328-70-43
  • +380 (95) 405-67-19
+380 (98) 328-70-43
  • +380 (95) 405-67-19
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Науково-інноваційний комплекс "Екологія" (ППНІК "Екологія") — провідний виробник в Україні концентрованих гуматів, гуматів калію й екологічних добрив для органічного виробництва

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Potassium humate 

1.Potassium humate has the stimulating effect, possesses antistress properties, improves adaptation of plants after replanting, accelerates formation of strong root system, increases efficiency of fertilizers and means of plants protection, reduces stress caused from impact of means of plants protection on the plants processed, accelerates crop maturing.

As a result, impact on soil microbiosis and physical-chemical processes it can significantly improve all key indicators of soil. It stimulates the growth and development of plants, mainly speeding up the formation of a strong root system. It allows not only increase the number of farmed products, but also to improve its quality indicators (the content of nutrients, flavor properties, long-term storage). It promotes early harvesting. It accelerates the stubble remains dissolution.

The use of potassium humate on cereals, legumes, ether-oil cultures provides 20 - 30%.yield increase.

The use of potassium humate on grapes provides a 15 - 25% yield increase.

The use of potassium humate on vegetables, melons and berries provides from 30 to 100% increase in productivity.

2. Potassium Humate contains:

  - The humic compounds and fulvic acids: 180  g / kg

  - Macro- and microelements: N, P, K, Ca, Mg, S, Si, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo, Co, Ba, Ni, ultramicroelements). 

3. Potassium humate is used for seeds processing, leaf spray fertilization and fertigation. Compatible with any fertilizers, stimulators and means of plants protection, except for mineral acids, and also mineral fertilizers containing calcium or magnesium.

4. For seeds processing of seeds by using the moist way, a preparation throughflow is 200g per 1t of seeds.

5.For leaf spray fertilization of field cultures, a preparation throughflow is 200g per 1 ha. It is allowed to increase the product dose up to 1 kg per 1 ha. For achievement of the best effect of leaf spray fertilization use a humate with addition of a carbamide. Leaf spray fertilization is reasonably to combine with processings by means of plants protection. 

6. For leaf spray fertilization (sprays) of vegetable, melon, fruit, berry, decorative plants and grapes, use preparation solution – 0,5g on 1l of water. Leaf spray fertilization is carried out with the interval of 5-7 days.

7. The potassium humate solution fertigation gives maximum effect (dissolve in irrigation water). Fertigation is most effective at the time of plants transplantation, including the planting time. For a fertigation it is necessary to use solution: 100g a preparation per 1m ³ of irrigation water (1 teaspoon per 50l of water). It is reasonable to use solution of such compound 2 times a month for plentiful watering of any plants. It is most effective at the time of replanting, especially at the time of seedlings planting. 

When technology requires high irrigation rates of fertigation it is expedient to carry out a fertigation with bigger solution concentration, but small irrigation rate. In this case the fertigation is carried out by concentration solution of 0,5g/l (0,5kg of a preparation per 1 m ³ of irrigation water). After such fertigation the usual watering is carried out. 

Fertigation solutions of a potassium humate can be carried out by any available way: by means of hose watering, overhead irrigation, through system of a drop irrigation. 

8. Preparation of the potassium humate solutions

1. Solutions need to be prepared right before fertilization of seeds.

2. The necessary dosage of the solution is firstly mixed with the little amount of water (in a small tank) followed by mixing it till the self-suspension. 

3. The ready suspension is then poured in the empty capacity of the sprayer or of the mechanized protectant/dresser, adding half of the necessary dosage of water followed by mixing it till the self-suspension.

4. Add all other components of the tank mixture. First dissolving the fertilizers then add the protectants. Mixing the solution after addition of each component. 

5. Add water till the necessary volume. 

In the case of preparation of stock solutions, the stock solutions of the humate is prepared separately from the stock solutions of fertilizers or the protectant solutions (the stock solutions MUST NOT be mixed as they are prepared and stored in different containers). But a combined stock solution of the humate and carbamide is allowed. 

In case of inflowing the humate solutions through a drop irrigation system, the stock solution is reasonably to decant removing an insoluble precipitate. 

9. Period of validity is not limited, provided that package is not damaged.


Cost -- 1.5 €/kg.  

Сайт виробника:   https://ecologya.com.ua/




Країна виробникУкраїна
Препаративна формаПаста
Ефект добриваТак
Ефект подолання стресових факторівТак
Максимальна температура ефективної дії50 град.
Користувальницькі характеристики
Potassium content, in convertion to К2О, %2.8
рН 1% of Solution Aqueous9
Humic compound content in fertilizaer, g per kilogram195
AppearanceDeep gel of dark color
Інформація для замовлення
  • Ціна: 60 000 ₴/т
  • Мінімальне замовлення: 20 т
  • Спосіб упаковки: 20 кг

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